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Free MILF Story - Steven's Hot Step-Mom Anne Part I

My Step Mom arrived on the scene several years ago from the East Coast. I knew my dad was going to be a happy man from then on, and you can be sure he was. Annette was her first name, but she went by Anne. She tried very hard to be accepted by my sister and me. I remember fondly when I used to play basketball with her; my waist brushing against her behind and her girlish smile, as she would score the occasional hoop on me. It was easy for me to accept Anne. She wasn’t really like a mom more like a breath of fresh air in the house. An intoxicating scent for a 18 year old freshmen who was always wanking off trying to satisfy what seem like and insatiable lust for sex.
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Free MILF Story - Steven's Hot Step-Mom Anne Part II

Anne just reached over and began sucking my eager cock like a pro. This woman was more then I could ever imagine. It didn’t take her long to bring me to near shooting my load. I reached down to stop her and she looked up and said “it’s ok sweetie, give it me”. Just the words made me cum; I never shot my load in a woman’s mouth before it was one of my biggest fantasies. All the girls I had ever been with thought it was too dirty. Not Anne, she not only let me but she kept my cock in her mouth and drained my cock dry. She sucked the cum out of it so gently and soft, my cock just stayed fucking hard in her mouth. Click Here to Read More to read more of Steven's MILF Anne's Story

Free MILF Story - Steven's Hot Step-Mom Anne Part III

Anne must have loved my young cum she milked my dick with cunt just like she did with her hot mouth until my balls were dry. We slept; we fucked, slept and fucked, all through the night and into the next day. I must have reached orgasm ten times. I knew the pleasure Anne was getting had almost overwhelmed her. This was forbidden pleasure, which for both of us made it all the more sweet. She slept with her long auburn hair on my chest, with a voluptuous thigh over mine. Click Here to read the rest of MILF Anne's Story

Free MILF Story - Graduation Party

After graduation Mrs. Haven invited all of us to her and her husbands house for a huge party. Everybody was drinking having a good time, and of course Mrs. Haven looked as hot as ever wearing tight shorts and a skimpy tank top she changed into. I couldn't help but stare at her, for an older woman she was stunning. She stood at 5-6” tall, large breast and descent body that made all the boys turn their heads. I think she noticed, because as the night went on and everyone got drunker she started sitting on my lap and flirting with me. She bent over a few times in front of me so I could see her cleavage and she smiled when she noticed me looking. At one point she asked me to help get something in the basement. I was taking down some plates out of a cupboard when she rubbed up against pointing to some other items to get down. I thought she might have even rubbed my half bulging cock in my pants on purpose. Either way I felt her hand rub against my crotch as she pointed with the other hand. MILF Mrs Havens Story Click Here to Read More

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Free MILF Story - MILF Gets a Young Caddy

My presentation was over earlier then I had expected. I had wowed them again and my performance wasn’t bad for an “old broad of 44” I thought to myself. Of course being blonde, 5-4”. 136lbs with 36d breasts showing cleavage in a conference room with a group of men who think with their dicks wasn’t hard to do.
MILF Exeuctive Story click here to read the rest of this milf story.

Free MILF Slut Story #1 - Best Friend Fucks Wife Parts I - II - III

My wife, Marie, and I have been married for 6 years now and I guess you could say our lives are average, maybe even a little boring. We are conservative, sexually, just the usual missionary or doggy style with a few minutes of foreplay.
She is a stunning 26 year old with wavy brown hair and brown eyes. She has wonderful coconut sized breasts that sway a little when she walks with large red nipples that become quite hard at the slightest touch. She has an hourglass figure with a butt that just won't quit. He stays in great shape by doing aerobics about twice a week.

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Free MILF Story - My Step Mum and the Optician

This story is about my Stepmother; but she brought me up from a very young age, hence I always called and thought of her as Mum. This happened some years ago, when I was only about 17, young and naive, and had never seen sex, except for some in dirty books from mates. This was what made me realise her secret rude side existed for sure at this time I'd only heard about the "Video" from the 80's, from unreliable sources, and I only suspected she might be unfaithful to Dad sometimes, not having myself seen anything to confirm it. So, all I had were my fantasies, at this point, which I enjoyed, but I still felt I'd be horrified if I ever discovered
MILF Step Mum Story click here to read the rest of the story.

Free MILF Story #4 - Swapping Sluts Parts I - II - III

Joe and Denise had been married around twelve years now. It was a good marriage with two children, a nice house in the country and a fairly comfortable lifestyle, thanks to his job at the local school. They were well matched in many ways. Joe was quite a good-looking guy while Denise had the kind of looks to bring out the worse in many men. Small and petite with an elfin like face, she had a good bust, narrow waist and, as Joe said, a nice fuckable ass. Their sex life had always been good and often exciting. They’d tried most things and, by and large Denise had always show enthusiasm, though he sometimes wished she could take anal sex more readily. They’d done it, but only on special occasions and he was aware that she wasn’t really into it partly because, she said, it hurt but she also thought it ‘unnatural’. Denise had been a virgin when he’d met her and, to a degree, still was - never having experienced anyone but her husband. Often, when making love, they’d talk about her screwing with someone else. She’d love to tell Joe that she could imagine someone they knew going into her and giving her a good shagging. Often, she’d dress up in provocative underwear and taunt him that she was dressing up for a session of unbridled and dirty sex with someone else. MILF Slut Wives Story click here to read the rest of this free slut wife story.

Free MILF Story - My Step Mum's Charity Work

My StepMum Teresa hadn't done much, it seemed, in quite a while, since
her last experience, documented in her other stories. She dressed
pretty consevatively again, and all seemed quiet and placid in our lives.

This peace was broken one day, however, when I was walking with
StepMother around the corner, past the local shops and newsagents. There was a
group of youths in their late teens hanging around outside the shops,
and although I knew their faces from experiencing their nuisance-making
and petty vandalism in the neighbourhood, I didnt know any more about
these 18-20 year olds-they were certainly younger than the gang who
hassled us and did the "your-mum, your-mum" thing to my Mum, some years
ago. [Explained in another story.] However, they seemed to recognise us,
and I got that uneasy feeling of nasty intentions one often gets near
such a group when you pass them. The way they went silent as we neared,
and all stood there staring at us told me, as well as my instincts, that
something was up.

MILF Step Mum Story click here to read of this milf story.

Free MILF Hotwife Story # 6- Submissive Slut Jane

I met my current wife Jane over the Internet. At the time we were both married and very unhappy. My wife was very conservative and needless to say my sexual energies were pent up beyond belief. An occasional wank in the shower and sex maybe every two weeks was par for the course. Jane married a very conservative man as well who essentially wanted missionary sex twice a week.

Jane and I had an online affair for 3 months and in those three months we explored our wildest sexual fantasies online. I guess we thought we would never meet so we let ourselves go online. I use to write Jane emails beginning a fantasy and ask her to finish them. Boy, did she ever finish them. One of my fantasies was to be Dominate over Jane and make her do slutty things. One fantasy I began was taking Jane into a seedy club and having her suck some guy off in front of everyone on the club. Well, Jane finished the fantasy by sucking off every guy in the club. MILF Slut Jane's Story click here to read more

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Free MILF Story - Mrs Johnson I

During high school and college I had my share of girls. But, as with most guys, I always fantasized about what I couldn't have. I had been dating my girlfriend Debby since my junior year of high school, even though we'd been going to different colleges for 3 years. We
visited each other about once a month, so I obviously had to dip into the local supply of sorority pussy. I'm sure she knew I was getting some on the side, but she never mentioned it. She probably never mentioned it because she was probably doing the same thing.

Even though I was surrounded by beautiful girls at school, I never fantasized about them like I did about Debby. When I looked back at why I was like this, I realized it wasn't Debby; it was her mother Cheryl Johnson that I was fantasizing about. Debby was a beautiful girl but her mom was an extremely hot woman. Debby was a slightly shorter, less voluptuous, plain version of her mother. They had many similar features, but Cheryl always dressed in sexy outfits for work and her actions and smell just screamed fuck me. If there ever was a MILF it was Cheryl Johnson.

Click here to read more of MILF Mrs Johnson Part I Story

Free MILF Story - Mrs Johnson II

We went outside and started up the grill while she drank wine and I drank beer. We talked about school and her job for a while just to keep up small talk. When the alcohol began to settle in, the
conversation moved towards girls, sexuality, and other things you usually don't discuss with your girlfriends mom. She was telling how she hadn't had sex with a man, for over a 2 months, and that she hoped that she was still attractive. "Attractive!" I said, "You have an unbelievable body. Not only are you hot for your age but you are better looking then most girls 20 years younger than you." Click here to read more of MILF Mrs Johnson Part II Story

Free MILF Story - My Girlfriends MILF

I'm in my mid 20s and my girlfriend's mom is really hot MILF. Every time I visit their house I find her most of the time looking at my crotch while I look at her breasts. A few times I caught her and just smiled. I first suspected her attraction to me when she accidentally bumped her smooth ass to my big member on an occasional Saturday visit. She didn’t pull away immediately and I that confirmed to me that was interested. Her husband is kind of nerdish, tall, has thick glasses and very workaholic, maybe that explains why they are well to do. He doesn’t look like the kind of guy who could take care of his wife. Click here to read more of My Girlfriend's MILF Mom

Free MILF Story - Girlfriends MILF Mom Rewards Me

I was 20, in the Navy and on leave during Christmas and New Year's and met a nice girl. She has just turned 18 and was gorgeous. I began traveling on weekends to see her. She lived in the next town from where my Brother lived so I could stay with him for the weekend, and drive over and see my girl. We had done some heavy petting but nothing more. She had told me that she was a virgin when we talked about it, and she didn't want to rush it. By the second weekend I was there, I was feeling her nice big tits and nipples under her bra, but when I tried for her pussy she would stop me. It was getting more and more difficult for her to do so though. Click here to read more of this MILF story Moms Reward

Free MILF Story - Cheating MILF Wife Victoria

I met Victoria online and we chatted for over a month and then one day I discoverd her husband was out of town and invited her over. To my surprise she agreed. Click here to read more of Cheating MILFt Wife Victoria's Story



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